Custom Woodturning Services

Orders and ideas could consist of the following:

  • Bedposts
  • Coffee, End, Hall & Harvest Table Legs
  • Verandah, Porch Posts, Deck Posts, Railing Spindles & Posts
  • Reproduction of that broken chair part or any other ideas you might have. Even if all you have is a picture, we will reproduce as close as possible!!
  • Post reproductions, Pillars, and Columns
  • Baseball Bats
  • Drumsticks (Musical)
  • Bun Feet
  • Handles
  • Oak, Maple, Cherry Timber Framing Pegs
  • Rolling Pins
  • Oak Pegs for Timber Framing

Other Services Offered:

CNC Router Wood Machining

CNC Router wood machining is a major service we provide.

  • Twisting, Fluting, & Reeding
  • Milling, New or Reproduction of Trims & Mouldings
  • Deep Drilling & Boring (Up to 40″)


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